Vertebrate Anatomy

BIOL 141L – w.m. Keck Science Center

This class offers an introduction to the wonders of vertebrate anatomy. I confess that I think comparative vertebrate anatomy is the bee's knees, and so I hope that I can enhance students' learning experience through first-hand dissection, analysis, and understanding of evolution of vertebrate anatomy. From the syllabus: The vertebrates display an enormous and incredibly interesting amount of diversity in shape and size – for example, compare the honey possum with an elephant, or a hummingbird with a dinosaur. We will examine this diversity, explore how anatomical structures evolved, and understand how they work. This course is very integrative and provides you with material and hands­‐on experience from a variety of different disciplines related to and informed by anatomy, including physiology, functional morphology, biomechanics, and paleontology. The lab will feature dissections of several vertebrates and team research projects in conjunction with the Alf Museum of Paleontology at the Webb Schools. Homework and research projects will include statistical analyses using R. For those of you aiming for medical school, the course will be a good preparation for more specific human anatomy courses.

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