Selected links to coverage of research in scientific/popular press or other media, pre-2018

2017: Comsol BlogThe Conversation, Scientific American, UPIYahoo! News; covered Darroch et al., 2017 Biology Letters article. 

2016: The Boston Globe, GizmodoInternational Business Times, MotherboardNational PostNature World News, Newser, redOrbitScience 360Washington Post; covered Darroch et al., 2016 Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology article.

2015 (Nov–Dec 2015): The New Yorker, Discovery News, Live Science, Science Daily, Scientific American; covered Rahman et al., 2015 Science Advances article. More thorough list here.

2015 (Sept 2015): BBC News World Service (starts at 20:35), CBC Quirks and Quarks, KQED, New Scientist, NSF Science360 News,, Smithsonian Insider; covered Darroch et al., 2015 Proceedings of the Royal Society B article.

2014 (Sept 20): Science News; covered Racicot et al., 2014 Current Biology and Racicot & Rowe Journal of Paleontology articles.

2014 (March 13–24): Daily Mail, Discovery Channel, El Mundo, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic Daily News, New York Times, Science Magazine, ScienceDailyTech Times, Wikipedia, Yale News; covered Racicot et al., 2014 Current Biology article.